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   The Journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step. If you are reading this website you are probably a coach looking for information to make yourself a better coach and you have found a resource that will jump up and smack you like a linebacker on 4th and 1.  “The Youth Football Coaches Guide ” covers every aspect of coaching youth football and for the price of lunch with your friends, will provide you with hundreds of ideas, videos and resources to make you a better coach.

   While I am 100% passionate about football and teaching children, I am equally committed to teaching all people ways to empower their lives. I don’t just want to make you a better coach, I want to share with you all the keys to success that I have learned and used to have a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle. After all… isn’t that part of our role as a mentor for youth athletes?

   If you search the internet for coaching materials, one thing you will find is plenty of opinionated coaches telling you that their way is the best way (and in some cases the only way). You will hear stories about winning streaks and get dozens of testimonials from coaches that implemented their system and had a great season.

I’m sure there is merit to their stories but the truth is that many systems can work when coaches believe in them and have a solid plan of implementation. The concept of coaching is that we evaluate our talent and attempt to determine the best system for them to succeed. If you have a wildly talented team full of speed players, the single...

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