The 9 Secrets Of Peak Performance In Sports
Do you experience fears, doubts, nervousness and even self sabotage in your sport?

Do you experience problems controlling your training and performance to the level that you would like?

Do you experience training and performance slumps where nothing seems to work for you even though you train hard, get into great shape and make all the sacrifices?

Is your Timing off... where nothing seems to work for you at the right time and at the right place?

Do you experience a great performance one day and then you can't seem to replicate it again... and it doesn't matter how hard you train?

Do you have a hard time Controlling your training and performance level on a consistent level?

Do you have a hard time to Diagnose, Pinpoint and Solve your worst training and performance problems?

Note: If you answered YES to one or even all of the above questions, then this book is perfect for YOU!

My name is Victor Cormier a past regional, national and international karate champion for Team Canada. It took over 16 years to develop what is now called "Mr. Fix-It For Sports". This system has been customized to all major sports. The improvements achieved have been between 5% -50% within a few minutes to a couple of hours training.

In this case I can't promise you that your performance will increase between 5% - 50%...but what I can promise you, is that you'll be....Read More Detail


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