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Let me guess. You really want to teach baseball techniques to your kids or other youngsters but you are quite hesitant because you think you don’t have the background or knowledge. And, hiring a “professional” baseball trainer can be very expensive.

Well, I understand your agony and frustration. After having played the game of baseball for almost 40 years. Not only have I learned how to play the game of baseball, I’ve also learned how others play the game. I cannot tell you how many teammate discussions I’ve had at the ballpark or next to a pool after a game regarding the fundamental techniques of this game. And these teammates weren’t just ordinary players. They were high school coaches, D-1 and D-2 college coaches, and ex-professional baseball players. Many of these people are now teaching baseball as a profession.

My purpose in telling you this is simple, I’ve been around the game for many, many years. I’ve played with exceptional athletes. I’ve seen firsthand what is being taught at the college level, as well as the professional level. In fact, even now when we get together, we discuss the latest and the greatest techniques and drills to teach kids how to play the game of baseball.

I have learned a valuable baseball lesson; ANYONE who can count to 6 can teach the fundamental techniques necessary to successfully play the game of baseball. With that being said, why would anyone want to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a “professional” trainer teach their child the basic fundamentals of playing the great game of baseball when they can do it them...

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