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Imagine possessing a method that lets you tap and direct the full power of your mind and channel it directly into your golf game to shoot lower scores?

Think about more swing killing nerves, missed pressure putts, blow-up holes when you have a chance to go really low and win a bet, match or tournament.

Ask yourself how much better you'll play if you could manage your mind and your game more effectively? If you knew a technique that literally unlocked the full power of your mind and let you focus and concentrate, effortlessly.

There is no doubt that having a solid swing is essential to playing good golf but that isn't the "key" to lower scores and playing consistently good golf.

"The game of golf begins in the mind: more than athletic ability, more than technique, more than practice, equipment or anything else. The mindset or attitude you bring to the game determines not only the enjoyment you desire from golf but also the level of proficiency you will achieve."

“Your material far surpasses any "sports psychology" books I have ever read. It could serve as an inner game textbook for golf and life. Golf is such a perfect metaphor for life and this book can go far beyond golf.

Minding Your Game is the best instructional book I have ever read in over 30 years as a golf professional at the highest level and I am personal friends with several of the well known mental game gurus on the PGA Tour. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about...

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