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Bicycle Race Training               The Ultimate Cycle Race Training Guide!

You can Prepare for Your First Road Bike Race in only 5 Weeks! Discover How Easy it is to Train and Prepare for a Cycling Race, using your Own Bike.

   Dear Cyclist,                      Are you thinking of entering an upcoming bicycle race    but do not really know how to start or how to get yourself ready    in time for the event?     You have been looking everywhere for that bicycle racers guide that will     give you all the information on what to expect, what equipment you     need and how to prepare, in order to move YOU from cycling enthusiast     to racing cyclist, but you could just not find it!     My name is Marietjie and I have been involved in bicycle racing since 2000. I have competed in over    100 major races including the two biggest timed cycling races in the world, the Cape Argus    (Cape Town, SA) and the 94.7 Cycle Challenge (Johannesburg, SA), each with more than 28 thousand     racing cyclists competing.    Not only did I complete these races comfortably, but also did so in the top of my category!    The total lack of comprehensive guidance and material was also my biggest frustration when I    started out and wanted to become a racing cyclist.

    I just could not find ANY guide that gave me exact step-by-step strategies to equip and train myself,    -forcing me to go through the whole experience on a "trial and error" basis.    I had to buy and search through several cycling books, magazines and so-called cycling guides to find    some of this information in bits and pieces. As a result I missed out...

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