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If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then you need to very carefully read every word of what I’m about to tell you because…

The bad news is that the traditional golf media, and even well-meaning golfing professionals and friends have “programmed” you for short game failure.

You’ve been bombarded with short game tips, instructions and advice from golfers who have good intentions, but they give you instructions that are never going to really help you improve your short game. (I’ll explain why in just a moment).

Your head has been filled with BAD advice and information that will never help you to up-and-down it like the pro’s because they’re not telling you one crucial piece of information that is needed for a great short game.

The good news is, I’m about to share with you ONE thing you need in order to build a great short game that will help you to….

…turn yourself, almost instantly, into a golfer that has a great, confident short game which other golfers look up to and respect.

The truth is, being able to do this has almost nothing to do with learning speciality shots like flop shots, chip and run shots, high pitch shots…or any of the things that other golf teachers say it is.

I would be faced with your average pitch shots and I would be scared stiff that I would either fat or thin the ball making myself look like a fool.

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