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Are you ready to learn the Secrets of coaching and playing great basketball? 

You have reached the site of veteran Youth Basketball coach Steve Pavlovic and my "Score More Hoops Series" of basketball ebooks!

   I thought the book was excellent. Easy to read, yet hit on the basics. The pictures were very helpful. I will use it in coaching my 6th grade girls team this year.

   We are just starting the new season, and I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. Offense seems to be the most difficult part of coaching, especially for younger kids. The "Score More Hoops" program gives us a system to be more consistent in our offense. We Score More Hoops now on a consistent basis.

   Thank you Coach Steve! Your shooting system has made my shooting clinics much easier and more fun. My high school girls have embraced the program and I recommend it to all new coaches. Shoot the lights out!

I don't know of any coach that couldn't use some fresh ideas! That's exactly where my "Score More Hoops Series" comes into play!  

Hi, I'm veteran basketball coach Steve Pavlovic. I have helped many coaches and players over my 27 year coaching career, and I look forward to helping you. Whether you are a beginning coach or player, or a veteran coach or player, I can help improve your game. How will I do that? Well, let's look at the package I have put together to help you with all of your basketball needs and the information that it contains that will benefit your...

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